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Works in the public domain

From the archives of the Braunschweig Mandolin Orchestra. The works here should be in the public domain because their composers died more than 70 years ago and the publication was more than 50 years ago. My reason for posting these here is because it is basically impossible to find them anywhere else. If any of these are actually still copyrighted, please let me know and I will remove them.

For mandolin quartet/orchestra

For mandolin and guitar

From the collection of Willi Lorenz, a former member of the Braunschweig Mandolin Orchestra.
  • Vincenzo Arienzo (1873 - 1907) (presumably a pseudonym of Enrico Marucelli)
  • Salvator Leonardi (1872 - 1938)
  • Alfred Heinrich Loreti (1870 – 1944)
  • Hermyn Siegmund (1863 - 1941)
    First name also spelled: Hermin. Many modern sources claim that this was a woman. Maybe because the female name "Hermine" is much more common than the male "Hermin". But according to older issues of a guitar magazine on, this was a man who published sheetmusic in his own publishing company in Silesia.

Footnote: I am providing the music on this site as a historical record. Some of the composers and some of the music titles and themes are inappropriate from a modern perspective because of a discriminatory nature or because of political views that I do not condone.

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