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This page contains music that was arranged for mandolin ensembles. Original compositions for mandoline ensembles can be found here. The arrangers tended to be musicians who were not professional composers. Professional composers often used a pseudonym if they arranged music for mandolin because such works were considered of low musical value. For some works the arrangers are not named at all. Some publishing companies use a single pseudonym for different musicians. Thus it can be difficult to establish the copyright status of these works. The historical address books of major German cities are available online and can provide some information about the approximate death dates.

For mandolin quartet/orchestra

  • B. Bernards (presumably a pseudonym of Bernhard Kutsch, 1882-1951)
  • Theodor Biewend (Director of the Bremen Theatre. In the address book at least since 1892 and not anymore in 1950)
  • Paul Kempfendorff-Stein (employed at the Musikkonservatorium in Berlin, disappeared from the address book by 1928)
  • Adolph Meyer in Cassel (Kammermusiker in Kassel. According to the address book died ca 1934)
  • Charles Enos Pomeroy (1843-1922, office manager of the Western Union Telegraph, later a bank teller, died in Salt Lake City. The Braunschweig Mandolin Orchestra has a hand written copy of this music from 1949. I can only speculate that they arranged this from a piano version that they got from an American soldier?)
  • Ernst Vorpahl (brother of Reinhold E. Vorpahl, both were mandolin teachers in Berlin. Changed his name to Nef-Vorpahl, maybe because of his wife Ursula who was a lute teacher. Disappeared from the address book by 1940.)
  • Wilhelm Wobersin (1868 - 1939)
  • Wilhelm Zechlin (? - 1927, owned a music publishing company in Berlin together with Richard Rühle)
  • Published by Bosworth (Arthur Bosworth founded a publishing company 1889 in Leipzig)
    • Wilhelm Aletter (1867-1934): Rococo Gavotte (parts)

  • Published by Robert Rühle (1887 - ?. According to this record Rühle was in Düsseldorf in 1947, but not anymore in 1948. His publishing company was located in Berlin from 1919 and destroyed in the war. He published works arranged by Bernards, Calace, Henze, Kempfendorff-Stein, Kollmaneck, Stoye, Renk, Rosenthal and others.)

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