Mandolin Sheet Music

There is a great store for printed sheet music for plucked string orchestras in Germany: Trekel Verlag. But many mandolin compositions from the beginning of the 20th century are not for sale anymore anywhere. (There are some exceptions, for example, the Otto Wrede Regina-Verlag appears to still sell music from about 100 years ago!) On this site, I am collecting links to sheet music for plucked string orchestras that is in the public domain and available on-line.

Mandolin sheet music

Here is mandolin sheet music written by myself or copyright free sheet music from the archive of the Braunschweig Mandolin Orchestra.

Links to websites with mandolin sheet music

Classical Mandolin: Folk and Bluegrass:
  • TEF files for Bluegrass music. Solo mandolin with guitar chords. A free TEF-file viewer is available.
  • Jan Wolters' arrangements for mandolin and other instruments (folk songs, children's songs).
  • Brian Oberlin's site (Bluegrass and Fiddle tunes, Christmas songs, chords etc)

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